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Lake Erie
Sandra Brooks Geaman
Sandra Brooks Geaman

Sandra Brooks Geaman majored in social studies and history at Lake Erie College and received her bachelor's of arts degree in 1957. She participated in varsity tennis for two years, varsity basketball and volleyball for three years and varsity field hockey and softball for four years. Geaman also competed in archery, badminton, bowling, lacrosse and table tennis.

For athletic accomplishments, she was presented the Athletic Association Seal Award. She was the founder of the Rifle Club and an instructor for two years. She served as treasurer and later president of the Athletic Association Board. She spent the Winter Term Award studying the physical education system in the public schools of Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1958, Geaman received the Graduate Certificate in Physical Education at Lake Erie College. In 1959, she became a graduate assistant in the Women's Physical Education Department at Ohio University, where she taught archery, tennis, volleyball and badminton, and coached the women's varsity tennis team. In 1963, she was an instructor in physical education at Lake Erie for the winter term.

Since 1975, Geaman has been actively involved in directing and coordinating several tennis and volleyball programs in Connecticut, where she is the Director of Religious Education for All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in New London.

The Hall of Fame Committee of Lake Erie College recognized all of these accomplishments by honoring Sandra Brooks Geaman as an inductee into the Athletic Hall of Fame on this April 16, 1991.